My name is Michelle Vossenaar and I have developed a high degree of self-wisdom through education and life experiences.

My vulnerability is my strength. The common thread in my life is wanting to learn, philosophize and be creative with photography, drawing and painting. In the darkest periods of my life, I learned that this is a wonderful way to reflect on emotions. And especially to process them.

 Zoom in on one off my experiences. PTSD. From Surviving to Thriving

In life I had to accept early on that love and happiness are not self-evident. I grew up in an unbalanced family. The only and the youngest lady among older brothers and an unstable mother. My father was not in the picture.

Due to the unstable and unhealthy living situation in which I "growing up". This has taught me that pain can be a motivation for something beautiful. And my motivation to develop myself in this was born.

Throughout life I have learned a lot, I have had to learn most things and also have to unlearn them. These days I have more inspiring sources around me that positively influence the learning process.

I had to learn that I can be there. I was able to approach many situations rationally, but my heart remained sad. Traumas, anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt, shame, emptiness but also anger. They had all become part of who I was. And I felt misunderstood.

"The past" hindered me in all aspects of life. When I started to express emotions, without limits through art and photography, I got a better bond with myself again. I heard myself. I started to become friends with myself. I understood myself better and better. And because of thist,  others people understood me again. Especially when making art,  a nice conversations started. The connections got better again.

"You can't run from your heart, so you better listen to what she has to say"

I learned to view situations, my emotional experiences from different perspectives. I started studying social care, nlp and life coach. This gave me more and more tools to develop myself. Knowledge, wisdom and experience go very well together.

And I am still working on myself, I will probably continue to do this. Traumatized, me? Yes. Accepting is something you have to do every day. I subtly combine my role as an experience expert but also as a coach. I also like to learn from you, to stimulate the development of care. I can move myself well in your situation and / or emotional life. I will be open with you, you can ask me anything.

Everything that will be discussed in our sessions will stay between us. For an introductory meeting you can reach me

With kind regards, Michelle