You can view art or you can make it

Coloring offers adults the opportunity to feel like a child again. And children to be children. This activity helps to recall old childhood memories. In other words, it's a way to go back in time. But we also focus on what we want in the future. Anyone who has ever read or read '' the secret and the law of attraction '' knows what a vision board is, for example.This can help people to put their current problems in perspective.

For example with emotional problems:

  • Processing of (negative) experiences:
  • depicting them and drawing / painting / modeling away from you.
  • Expressing emotions: expressing your feelings in colors, movement and forms and being able to view them from a distance.

For behavioral problems:

  • Increase frustration tolerance and perseverance: continue working until you are satisfied.
  • Learning to work in a planned and structured way: from vague idea to concrete result, from coarse design to fine details.
  • Increase problem solving capacity: experiment within the assignment.

For social problems or relationship problems:

  • Practicing collaboration: creating a creative piece of work with another: partner, type of coach.
  • Discovering your own boundaries and your own space: how large or small do you work, what feels comfortable?
  • Increasing empathy: awareness through working with and from different perspectives.

Or if you want to work on ego reinforcement and self-development:

  • Increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge: the work as a mirror of the maker.
  • Increasing self-insight: recognizing patterns of thought and behavior during the creative process: your inner critic, your rebel etc.
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-image: success experiences, being proud of your paper, recognizing recognizing and acknowledging, working ever greater (daring).
  • Developing individuality and identity: choosing colors, shapes and themes and placing them clearly.

This painting: the silent scream