Photography as a therapy? Yes

You probably won't immediately think about it, but lessons can also be hidden behind photography.

Sometimes images say more than words. You may feel; angry, fatigued, anxious and alone. You may tell your environment. But the gradations in feelings cannot be expressed quickly in words.

Well, that's my experience. In images I could come into much better contact with myself and therefore others. People had a better change to understand my inner world. Did you know many people think through images? perhaps you do this too.

Time to speak the language of images! 

Through a photo 'session' we will put the feeling into images. Together into nature for the purpose of exploring your feelings.

Get to know yourself better let people understand you better make contact with yourself. I try to capture moments in which people show their purest self.

" We live in a time of superficiality and we can only connect when masks fall. Only then is there a chance to understand a feeling, yourself or your friend. Therapeutic photography does not mean just taking pictures. It also includes other photo-interactive activities, such as viewing photos, but also talking about photos that have touched you. Or an image that you have remembered. In fact, every image that you like or have made is a kind of mirror of yourself. And a kind of reminder of what you found important enough to capture.

  • It helps to communicatei
  • t brings you more in the now be mindful
  • discover where the bottlenecks are in yourself, increase creativity, which in turn ensures that you start to think differently and come to different insights,
  • it activates positive feelings you come out again among people because you are outside,
  • and on the move, it makes the right substances, which makes you feel better.

Discovering yourself again, creating something new feels good, pure and fresh photography from the silence within yourself.